About Us

My family has been eating oysters grown in the York River since 1620. My 14x great grandfather, a French orphan, adopted by a British family was sent by the King of England, to fortify the port on the south side of the river. He went on to become the founder of Yorktown.

365 years later our family obtained the prime oyster grounds where the water is the cleanest & saltiest in all of York County on the York River, since it’s the closest to the Chesapeake Bay.

Our oysters are famous for their mildly salty taste since the York River is the saltiest river of the Bay. Recently when the Queen of England visited Yorktown, she raved about the taste of York River oysters.

Our oysters are exceptionally clean, sweet & plump because of this close proximity to the Bay, the extremely brisk current flow and a virtually silt free, hard, sandy bottom. All these factors come together to grow the best tasting oysters on the planet, in the opinion of many oyster lovers.

Our family has had to fight for the right to grow oysters on these grounds. This battle has been waged in our County Hall, the local Courthouse & even at the State Capital. Taste just one and you’ll know why it was worth the fight.

Since these select Chesapeake Bay oysters do not reproduce, they can be eaten and fully enjoyed all year round….. even in the middle of the summer!